Born, raised, and currently residing in Metro-Detroit, Jessica Malek has the knowledge of a lifelong Michigander, but after living in New York City and Boston, Jessica also understands the needs and desires of those from beyond the borders of the Great Lakes.

Coming from the world of advertising, Jessica’s creative edge to think outside the proverbial Real Estate repertoire makes her stand out amongst contemporaries. After leaving corporate life working with some of the largest brands in Detroit, Jessica started a creative services business, Mercenary, with her husband. Once the entrepreneurial and investor flame was lit, she decided to apply her marketing and creative skills to Real Estate.

With Jessica’s skillset and drive for excellence, it was a natural fit for her to join Renee and the RLA team. For buyers and sellers, Jessica’s insider knowledge of Detroit and its surrounding areas is essential. She prides herself on being able to dig deep and get creative to find the perfect home for buyers and she utilizes her expert advertising experience to expose properties to the widest, but also most relevant, buyers.

Jessica is deeply committed to giving back to the Detroit community and a portion of her commission goes directly to Empowerment Plan, a local organization that aims to end generational poverty through employment.

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